Flowing Equines: Fiery Passions Alluring Dreams by Neerajj Mittra, New Delhi, India

Inspired by Kantha embroidery and the synergy of zentangles the very figurines which epitomise spontaneity and freedom, my muse in metallic colours on paper. The passion of fiery yellow meets the magnificent vastness of the blue ocean, the gallops of an artist’s dreams meets compassion of my muse – The Horse. 

Music by : Kabir Dev Mittra

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain ARTIST once you grow up”, said the legendary Pablo Picasso.

I am truly blessed that because of my muse by my side since childhood,                                I have been, I am and I remainAN ARTIST

I remain 

Neerajj Mittra

Visual Artist, Art Curator, Gallerist & Explorer of Life




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