Flowing Equines – The Celtic Tales, Neerajj Mittra, New Delhi India

Having experienced the DIVINE existence of my MUSE with the DIVINE himself in India -The Land of DIVINTY, my MUSE now rode me across SEVEN SEAS to the LANDS OF CELTIC. 

EPOXY as my rein, paper for the terrain

Me and MY MUSE – THE SEVEN COLOURS of the LIGHT of the SUNLIGHT, the POWER of the LORD SUN himself and we: 

Flew without wings across the SEVEN SEAS. 

There in the vast green swathes of Ireland, the blue wide endless horizons of Scotland, my MUSE unravelled its


Legends have it that the Celtic culture eveolved as early as 1200 B.C. The Celts –  A collection of Tribes,migrated to  western Europe including Britain, Ireland, France and Spain.  Till date the CELT  legacy is most prominent in Ireland and Great Britain. The origination of CELTS has been traced to central Europe which shares a similar language, religious beliefs, traditions and culture.

The bagpipes, the famous musical instrument of Scotland is is also attributed to have originated in Celtic times. The prominent Celtic languages are : Welsh, Cornish, Breton & Gaelic.

The Celts have always venerated THE HORSE whom they treated and still treat with great respect, care and like a blessed TREASURE from divine. 

 They share great bond with their horses. No doubt, the Celts were known as very skilled cavalry fighters and charioteers.

Celts believed that their HORSES are their  PROTECTORS. That’s why we see many ancient images of the horses carved in stone and landscapes.

The horse has been used in Celtic art and design since ages.

The ancient Celtic styled depiction of horses is used even today with, The Celtic Council of Australia having magnificient image of three horses interwoven in Celtic design as a symbol.

The best known of the Celtic deities associated with horses is the goddess Epona who is regarded as  a protector of horses, donkeys and mules.

The famous magnificent horse Enbarr of the Flowing Mane who features in Irish, Scottish and Manx mythologies is associated with the great CELTIC SEA GOD MANANNAN MAC LIR.

In the gardens where gales sing, in the valleys where Dandelions swing

MY MUSE crooned the songs of joy as I peeped through its soul the HEAVEN WHOLE !

In the gardens where gales sing, in the valleys where Dandelions swing

MY MUSE strummed the tunes of cheer as I stoked the earth and all the tales of CELTIC times whispered into my EARS.

The famous SHETLAND PONY with their sturdiness, intelligence, thick coat and short legs are integral to THE CELT culture and have inhabited the  Shetland Islands since Bronze age.  The Shetland fishermen also used the hair from the tails of the ponies for their fishing lines.

Bond of Horses with Celtic culture remain strong, the tales being woven and retold, the art having HORSE as the prominent symbol . 

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain ARTIST once you grow up”, said the legendary Pablo Picasso.

I am truly blessed that because of my muse by my side since childhood,                                I have been, I am and I remainAN ARTIST

I remain 

Neerajj Mittra

Visual Artist, Art Curator, Gallerist & Explorer of Life







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