Equine – The Emperors of Hearts Neerajj Mittra, Delhi, India

Scripting the saga of the champions who scripted the history
Scripting The Saga Of The Kaisers

Horses have been an integral part of my sojourn of life and my art, the witness of my joys, the muse of my dreams. Whenever I think about my muse, ‘The Horse’, myriad emotions fill my heart, mind and soul.

Horses lend us the wings we lack”, said the famous Australian poet Pam Brown. From being my childhood buddy I galloped around merrily with, to being the silent and soulful witness of my journey of transformation as an artist. My muse has been a speaking silent witness to all.

My equine arts are an endeavor to inscribe the lovely memories, my timeless bonds with my muse, the winged footprints, on the sands of time.

My sojourn of life took me around the world and with me traveled my muse, in various forms and shapes, with various names and in various frames. But wherever I go, the character, the soul, the nature of my muse remains the same.

My muse has been THE EMPEROR OF HEARTS beyond the times, ages, cultures and civilizations.

Today, I again sat down to script the tales of my muse who has evolved with humans, with times, deeply bonded from birth to divinity unbound. Deluge of sentiments again filled my heart and thus scripted down my CALLIGRAPHY all that my muse is known as, for and by around the world. 

The CALLIGRAPHY STROKES randomly scripted myriad names the world knows my muse as from eqqus to pony, from stallion to horse. Strokes of my pen kept moving with unbridled flux just akin to the gallop of a stallion and the ink emanated thus; myriad names of relationships horses share with humans aka wrangler, horsemen, jockey and many more. 

With every stroke my pen kept inundating paper with myriad accessories which have adorned these Kaisers of With Passion & Power’ across the ages and eons.  

Languages knew no bound nor did the times as my with CALLIGRAPHY ART my pen made an endeavor to script all that scripted the history of


The relationship between horses and humans transcend the boundaries of cultures, civilizations, methods and materials and times.

Call him stallion, call him Ghoda, call him Pony, call him Equus.  The Horse epitomizes loyalty, wisdom, dedication, passion, and beauty. In modern times as humans driven by technology ride in Mustangs, they have forgotten to RIDE THE MUSTANGS.                                                                 

It is this lost connection, the culture and heritage that I seek rebuild with my muse through equine artworks in                                                             


I wish to bond horses and humans again through ART built upon this heritage and history.

I Have My MUSE, I have ME

I remain 

Neerajj Mittra

Visual Artist, Art Curator, Gallerist & Explorer of Life




Evolving With Times To Evolve & Revive
  1. BENU

    Elaborate your childhood (learning time), your toughness became your strength.
    With more loving connections in this colorful world.

    1. Neerajj Mittra

      evolving and enjoying

  2. Avatar photo
    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Neeraj,
    Thank you for this excursion in your art world with the muses and calligraphy!
    Do you have your horse? Is it common to have the one in India (urban or rural) today?

    Looking forward to seeing your other graphic art pieces inspired by horses!

    1. Neerajj Mittra

      Dear Nazar,
      Thanks for the opening .
      i wish i had a horse 😉
      few years back it was a mode of transportation but not any more.during that time i kinda lived around them and their energy ,shape,form caught my attention.though i do semi -realistic sculptures and paintings too but my heart lies with moi equine.they are just so beautiful. aren’t they?
      will be sharing more ;;;thanks again.

  3. Dee

    You’re such a versatile creative man Neeraj!

    1. Neerajj Mittra

      thanks dee…

  4. Kusum Gupta

    Congrats Neeraj!
    I am so impressed
    Looking forward to see more

    1. Neerajj Mittra

      thanks kusum gupta
      i am in sync to create more…watch this space.thanks for appreciating.

  5. Ciana Fitzgerald

    This is such beautiful original work, horses are such an integral part of Irish folklore, the myths and legends I grew up with, like the magnificent horse Enbarr of the Flowing Mane associated with the great Celtic Sea god Manannán mac Lir. always portrayed as mystic, magical beings. So glad to see them being brought back into a contemporary setting! looking forward to seeing more

    1. Neerajj Mittra

      Thanks a lot Ciana Fitzgerald for appreciating the creations.I simply love the simplicity of the nature and the magnitude of the stature.Horse is my muse and i am in love with my muse.Horses played a vital role in Indian history too .watch this space for more of me and my muse.
      stay safe
      stay connected

  6. Devyani S

    Well done Neeraj
    So much covered in life, and still going strong!
    Very impressive efforts, stay well and keep safe.

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