Artist Intro, Coco Spencer


This is my first virtual residency and first residency during the pandemic. I used to travel a lot before the covid outbreak and I miss being able to participate in residencies in person and fully immerse myself in a new culture.

I’m originally from California, but moved back to Chicago this month. I was notified of my acceptance to this virtual residency during my layover in Denver.

Right now, I do not have studio space set up here in Chicago. I found a cheap scanner online that I’m picking up this week, and then I hope to dive into some of my collage work.

My main medium is analogue collage. I love cutting up paper and rearranging all the shapes.

For the first time in my life, I’ve started working on a website and it is agonizing. For years, my only online presence was a tumblr page, and then I eventually started to use Instagram as well. Making a website is stressful.

I’ll post more updates next week.


  1. Liza Ordinartceva

    Welcome, Coco!

    I bet we most of us here understand how you feel. But the collage you posted looks very ‘real life’ even after being digitalized, the textures are vivid! Looking forward to more of your works.

    1. Avatar photo
      Coco Spencer

      Thanks Liza!

  2. Olivia Evans

    Hi Coco, I love the colors here, and the upholstery pieces and use of the duck-shaped doorframes. Super creative! Do a lot of your pieces use symmetry in this way?

    1. Avatar photo
      Coco Spencer

      Hi Olivia. I really appreciate the feedback. Most of my work is analogue collage & rather than gluing down the paper, I’ll scan the shapes from my printer without any additional digital edits. I know how to use photoshop, but I avoid it and try to keep the images untouched.
      For this particular piece, I mirrored the image, but this is one of the only pieces I’ve mirrored.
      Cool that you were able to catch the upholstery pieces. A lot of people can’t identify what items the shapes and colors come from originally.

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