The City by Anne & Luke, Delft, The Netherlands

We are excited to start the virtual residency ‘The City’ today. Below you can watch a short introduction video of ourselves, our studio and the city we are living in – Delft, The Netherlands. During the residency we plan to make an animated collage work, inspired by our research, discussions and observations around the theme of ‘The City’. Over the coming weeks we look forward to inviting you along on this creative journey, sharing imagery and ideas along the way.

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    Katelyn Albrecht

    I’m really excited to see the collage process and ideas! What a lovely day in Delft!

    1. It was lucky we filmed yesterday as today it is quite a different cloud day!

  2. Liza Ordinartceva

    Thank you for such a cosy introduction! I just love your studio and of course the view from the window!

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