Back-stage/Front-stage: Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy


We are currently writing and brainstorming ideas for our final work. This work will be a 360° video, in our private interior space. The video will invite the audience in to the private ‘backstage’ areas of our home, to observe and look about.

On the surface, perhaps a focus on interior spaces seems to stand against a project which seeks to deal with ‘The City’. Our focus upon inside private city spaces, rather than outside, is that we see the two as intrinsically linked. Outside, in the public space of the city, every social activity depends on our pre-formed notion of how we should behave. In these ‘front-stage’ spaces – riding the tram, talking to others, eating in a restaurant – we constantly adjust the image we convey to the world. In contrast, our inner, private ‘back-stage’ spaces become a place of refuge. Here we can live in a more relaxed state and worry less about ‘performing’.

Our video piece, therefore, will ask what are the consequences of inviting people in to these private spaces. Often an outsider will infiltrate these private spaces, through a Zoom call taking place in our lounge room, a postal service person arriving at the door or a curious neighbours looking through the windows. Is a look into these private spaces a chance to see a more ‘authentic’ image of the occupants? What do people want to hide? How similar or different are our private spaces to those around us? Such questions, alongside many others, will be touched upon in our work.

At this stage, we have a smorgasbord of ideas floating about – which will soon be structured into a clear shooting schedule. Below you can see a glimpse at our very early story boards for the project, taken from our journals. In these images we are planning out composition ideas for various rooms in our house. We look forward to turning these fast sketches into a polished project very soon!

Image: Journal Sample: First storyboard ideas for our video upcoming video work. Planning 360 space in to a 2D rectangle.

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