Behind The Screens, Anne Fehres & Luke Conroy

This week we are completing the final exports of our 360-degree video work ‘Naked Windows’, the outcome from the virtual residency. This work has been inspired by our experiences during the residency, where we engaged with the curators, guests and other artists entirely virtually. During the many hours of online meetings, in this ‘virtual city’ we found ourselves getting lost in the backgrounds of the participants, with each Zoom meeting becoming a sort of cabinet of curiosity.

Rather than being a flâneur on the city streets, we became digital flâneurs, drifting away from conversations and peering into the framed spaces of others. We started to wonder about the lives of people outside of these boxes and also what the other participants were making of our own backgrounds.

‘Naked Windows’ is a response to this experience, inviting the audience to peer behind the staged reality of our curated ‘rectangle’ of the virtual meeting . We have created a meta-video work which follows us talking about our art project in a Zoom meeting. Taking place across four rooms in our house, while our virtual background and clothing (from the bottom up) stays constant, the environment outside of this is a surreal world.

In the presentation of the 360-degree work, the audience will be able to listen to our virtual presentation, but also negotiate their own curiosity and voyeurism while exploring the boundaries between public and private, truth and fiction.

A behind the scenes/screens look at the filming of our work ‘Naked Windows’.

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