Goodbye. Alina Orlov

In many languages, the word ‘hello’ has a dual meaning for goodbye as well. This new video is about saying goodbye, but I guess not only a goodbye, but also a hello to this new world. 

I’m noticing how this new world has become big again. Being in the US right now and looking at home (in Israel) feels so far away. So I played with airplanes, with how it would feel to fly. And for the time being, until I go home, I’m feeling the environment I’m in. A yellow character moves around and does different things; simple actions – almost mundane. Most images are tableaus; missing home, but also celebrating the feeling of being stuck in a place that feels so far.


I am not sure what it means for me as an artist to say goodbye to a place.

I currently live in a rural area in Vermont USA, and as a person who grew up in a city I find myself feeling the magic of nature; the constant changes everyday. I find this area very inspiring to me.

In my last post I was preparing to leave the US. I am attaching my last shots from my project of saying goodbye. I don’t know what the edit will look like. I am trying to look at each frame as stills and try to understand what story I am building. 

Ambiguous between—one that at first glance may appear familiar —but once entered becomes intimately abnormal and uncanny.  I envision the installation as a place recognized from a dream, simultaneously missing, gone, and yet raised up around the viewer—one that might offer a goodbye and a hello at the same time. 

What do you think about this?