Open Call: “Ctrl+”Art Project, Cooperation between 50 Chinese artists and 50 foreign artists


Submission Deadline: Aug.31, 2021


If you are willing to cooperate with a Chinese artist, we will be very welcome.

No restriction on nationality, age, culture, education, no restriction on creative theme and form

Attach artist resume: pdf format

No more than two pages, indicating name, gender, occupation, graduation college, major, exhibitions attended, awards, etc.

Submission Email:


This plan was conceived in April last year, and after a year of thinking and constant rejection, it was officially launched on May 5, 2021. This art project will invite 50 Chinese artists and 50 foreign artists at the same time, a total of 100, two and two groups into 50 groups. These artists don’t know each other, and they don’t even know each other’s culture very well. They will collaborate on a piece of work through communication on the online platform in the next two to three months. The final exhibition will be displayed in the form of documents.

During the introduction, the curator Yu Gao said that the preparatory work for the entire event is very large. At present, Chinese artists have identified a small part. Not all artists are suitable for creating in this way, so it is very important to invite suitable candidates. According to the preliminary plan, the list of Chinese artists will be confirmed in early June. Foreign artists are mainly recommended by institutions and curators that have worked with before. All the names and who will cooperate with whom will be confirmed in early July.

“The work I can control has come to an end. The next step is for the artists to play. There will be many unexpected results. This is also the fun of work. Its attraction is that it is very tiring and complicated, and it has nothing to do. No, it will be meaningless in the end, but you just can’t let it go.”

Everyone is discussing what we can do in the post-epidemic era. Conflicts and confrontations between regions and countries have intensified. The insecurities caused by fear and the desire to get closer to each other have increased. At the same time, trust and respect have been neglected. This contradiction has led to a lot of “recreational heating.”

If two artists who have never met before, if they want to complete a work together and achieve this set result, it will inevitably go through a period of effective communication. To truly communicate through emails, or other social platforms, or even to talk about some metaphysical philosophical topics, can we find a common focus, make it aesthetically and visually, and turn it into a work. “Control” is a kind of two-way effective communication. Without effective communication, everything else is overhead, let alone cooperation. The world is always in conflict and confrontation. We don’t need to spend too much time discussing whether people are good or evil at the beginning, but to find a way to design a game to stimulate each other’s “good”.

There are two hundred countries and regions in the world, and I hope to take this opportunity to invite artists from more countries.

At present, the oldest person in the world lives to be about 113 years old, and is able to work, the age of normal communication should be seven or eighty to eighty or ninety years old. We also hope to invite participants in this age range. Eighty years is a long time for a person, but in terms of human history, the evolution of the earth, and the evolution of the universe, it can be said to be nothing.

When it comes to the concept of “control”, it seems that we face the computer longer than any family or friend. We don’t know how many times we touched the Ctrl key on the keyboard. We used Ctrl+s to save, Ctrl+v to paste, and Ctrl+w to close the window. This small tool for extending self-will will accompany us for many years until we leave. If you use one word to summarize the history of humankind and look around, there is nothing more appropriate than “control”. Between people, between genders, between families, between nations, between races, between people and nature, between interstellar Between the basic elements, it seems that you can use “control” to connect them. On the computer keyboard, “Ctrl+” is so easy. Turn off the computer and we will fall into an embarrassing situation of uncontrollable and uncontrollable. Loss of control is accompanied by endless self-denial. On the keyboard, you can touch Ctrl+ at will to complete Various instructions have been ignored by us again. They represent another world and cannot be connected with self-affirmation.

The artist’s unique and creative plans, completed, unfinished and ongoing, can all be the beginning of this collaboration. There are no restrictions on the form, materials, and themes you make yourself. We hope to implement the “control” plan in a way that does not control it.

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