Beam me up, Patti! / by Marie-Eve Levasseur

Studio update (AR developing situation):
the Spark AR trackers are not optimal: after many testings, my portal still doesn’t work the way I imagined it, so, I guess I will have to switch to Unity and see how to distribute it afterwards. The scale and the consistency of the apparition was a problem I couldn’t solve over the last days. I still worked on other aspects of the work, collecting my writing and recording voices. Out of the recordings, I made some audio tracks, some poetic statements around teleportation that I will add to the portal AR application once it works.

I use the working title BEAM ME UP, PATTI! as a direct reference to STAR TREK / mainstream sci-fi culture, but omitting SCOTTY, replacing it by a female name that sounds similar. I might change this later. Still not sure about the importance of this reference. Here are some excerpts from my writings:

I want to dematerialize,
and re-materialize.
I am in search of dissolution
and re-combination.

I want to interact witht he asteroids,
dancing between the clouds,
teleporting in a shy landscape
grasping (temporarily) pasts and futures
of the wind and its trajectory.

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