Socialism for the rich by Daniele Leonardo


The barbarians did some unsolicited remodeling the other night. Pretty sure they have a whole office for that at the city hall already, where to move a single bench the red-tape it takes is a couple of acres in trees.

Apparently they recouped the year they missed by doubling down.
To settle the score. Authority docet.

Locals said it still was nothing in comparison with the previous years. The wall of foam rising and walking on its own all over the square; the carpet of the usual human trash grimly shining in green the day after on the beach; the puffed-up faces, the bloated bellies sticking out of the sand, site of the nocturnal self-burial; only a couple of apes on the lampposts as opposed to the one ass on a crane.
Some biblical imagery and quite the improvement.

One year the fire department had to help one of these fierce devotees come down from the church’s rooftop he’d got on top of to take a nap or pass out closer to the heavens.
If you’re used to Gothic pinnacles but can’t help yourself to the Romanesque’s maybe drunken stupor from all the wine in town will get you there.
The mystery of faith…

Still, they made it to make the news all the same; an accomplishment in and of itself… Let’s just say that when the perpetrator is a Westerner, caucasian and ostensibly wealthy, in general you can put down in print nationalities. Also, you’re pretty recognizable when you’re not wearing a mask.
To set the record straight.

And a tradition around here, around this time of the year. We got history.

Surveillance capitalism for the poor

As a newbie resident and an April early bird I had the luxury to stop by at some restaurant’s timid early opening to buy some take-out on the way home, along the empty strip mall across the beach. “Ok, …We’re open, but keep your distance. And, no pizza.” the newly printed sign said. Like, you kids
Dogmatic but somehow gentle, “I can roll with that” I thought to myself.
And if you knew me, that was quite the leap of faith.

A bunch of couples, in the open and at a distance, diligently in a line to get some french fries. Under the glare of police cars slowly rolling by… The efficiency.

… …

Easier to find a plumber on a Sunday than any cop for the Return of the prodigal son.
If that’s not a saying already around here somebody turn it into one.

Authority tacet.
Like an instrument would. Some tools.

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