Meta street

With this interactive installation I began my introduction to the city, this work reflects the themes and techniques with which I usually approach highlighting the issues that concern me, they are embossed on the wall, although it is not easy to read them everywhere. 

The viewer in this work had 3DoF, which means three degrees of freedom, allowing you to look around with your mouse movements as well as reflect the usual representation of things with a simple click. 

In the next work I took it a step further and expanded the degree to 6DoF, that is, Six degrees of freedom. Now the viewer can not only look around, he can move around the scene with the usual keys ASDW or arrows on the keyboard or teleport around the scene, with a right-click on the mouse. 

It will be interesting to see the messages left by other artists and viewers, because you can intervene in the work and make them stay there to live, but you need to know a couple of secrets to do so. 

The street in the scene, that's where I lived the longest while I was in St. Petersburg, at 37-39 Rebellion. The sounds and the visuals, that's what I'm used to seeing and hearing every day.
Join me on a walk, through the places of my memories, plucked from the real layers of the city, memories that like digitized meta-universes have gone to the clouds.

Digital flaneering is where you're sure to get lost, but that's the point!

Evgeny Lukuta
Thanks for your attention and see you soon!
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