VITAA: The City – by Nanda Raemansky

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to have been invited for another residency at VirtualSPAR. This time I will be contributing as a citizen of the ‘City’.

A graffiti about the summer of 2020, with a great perspective effect, provided by the ‘Boekentoren’ from the university uGent.

For the occasion I have chosen the Belgian city Ghent as my subject. Ghent is the city where I studied at the academy. I have lots of warm memories of this city and tend to still visit it on a regular basis.

Ghent Zuid, April 2021

This residency is about the city in times of global change, so I have decided to check out how Ghent has changed during this year of the pandemic. As I am particulairly interrested in the concept of freedom , I will go on several expeditions to this city. Preferably during several different stages of the corona measures. And during these visits, I hope to find out, how people have been dealing with the challenges, the corona pandemic has opposed to their freedom.

Sure seems like the mouthmask-zone isn’t going to keep the creative creature who draw this, from enjoying some freedoms .

As I saw in the news, the first measures where going to be released on monday the 19th of April, I quickly went Ghent, as soon as I heard I was going to be one of the ‘Citizens’. So I’ve made a serie of photograph’s, sound- and videorecordings, to get the vibe of the city, during the tightest part of the lockdown. Now they have released the curfew and opened the shops and terraces. So I must get back there soon..

‘Graffitistraatje’ April 18th 2021 in Ghent.

I will keep you posted.

Raemansky 2021©

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    Katelyn Albrecht

    Just observing the difference in sound during different stages of lockdown is interesting. Even the photos are somewhat haunting. I’m excited to track your return to Ghent through these posts!

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