Stills, filmic and analogue. Olga Popova

After having a lot of thoughts on where I could go next and putting CCTV excitement on a pause I decided that I want to spend more time with the material and go analogue because of that. Since I try to explore waiting and in-betweenness I thought that slide projection would be appropriate. This post is rather about the making and not analyzing much

So I asked my friends to send me videos that they film when on the road and in waiting (if they film any). After that I took screenshots in each little video. Then I made them into slides and used a mechanical slide projector to show stills.

After showing the work there were several points discussed and questions raised.

The trope of arrival is transparent since the performance ends, it is not on the loop. Some slides look like they are of cityscapes simply and they are not related to the road. Some look like a punctuation a stop, when they are not blurred

Objects and places are recognizable is that important?
A slide projector relates to the nostalgia, to something gone/ dead as is photography.
We observe the boundary of the road not the road, what you pass by, the fleeting moment, changes of light, the progression of the day (liminality) The play with actuality/ fiction through boredom. Also a collective narrative, a fictional journey or saving the actual one?
Me flipping slides is very linear, every action reinforces passing. Multiple screens would break that linearity or showing on a loop.
There could be a narrative a VoiceOver.
The viewers experience should be generic or relating to a particular road? Is it about the beauty of travel, romanticism, or the grind the mundane? Car adverts try to sell it, the freedom. But people record the beautiful not the mundane, what kind of experience this should be?

Later I tried to show them on the loop using a different, automatic projector and build a narrative of a change in the time of the day. It did not quite work since I do not have enough shots to make a coherent narrative.

  1. Olivia Evans

    Hi Olga, I am a new intern for the SPAR program and have spent this morning going through older posts to get to know the artists and their work. I am so interested in the work you’re doing with liminal spaces and travel! The CCTV footage I’ve seen has been haunting, and I really appreciate the way you explained/laid out your creative process in this post. I’m super interested in what you said about “the road” and what it means; you’re absolutely right, we tend to observe the boundaries of the road as opposed to the road itself. I also wonder about what you said about freedom. We are told that the road offers us freedom and an escape, but oftentimes when we are on the road, it feels more like a waiting or a ‘stuckness.’ Super interesting stuff! I am so excited to follow your work on the platform.

    1. Avatar photo
      Olga Popova

      Wow! Hi Olivia. I am very glad to hear that someone else finds these themes interesting! Very excited to check out what you are working on.

  2. Sveta Nosova

    Hi, Olga. For me – travel is a special state. At the same time nervous, because you do not know what awaits you and interesting! It is interesting to see and learn new things and change your usual way of life. Change yourself by placing yourself in a new space. Scary and fun!

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