Exploring the importance of personal experience in the work, Olga

Since I try to work with liminality in the urban space I chose the car and the road as parts of it to focus on. In the most recent experiment I wanted to dig into the question: is it important that I film something that I am showing or I can appropriate imagery? In experimenting I combined on one screen a video that I filmed and a live stream of a traffic jam in Japan (this exact location does not matter, but it was the one that had traffic because of the time of the day).

Video that I filmed was made using gopro camera attached to the part of the car. I deliberately went and found dense traffic to film the piece. I am also very interested in light and how it changes the perception of the space (in this particular case the rhythm of the red light that is very specific to traffic) so the frame of the video tries to focus on that. I also discovered incredibly overpowering sound that goes with the footage. So while experimenting with ways of presentation I added headphones. They isolate you from the space around and emerge you in the video.

A lot of connotations arise from the fact that I am using cctv footage. For now I do not know how to fit them within my theme. While looking for the right shot I found so many exciting images from cctv cameras around the world. I think they capture me because of the conflict between their function and the fact that they show abstract things.

As a way to look for the answer for my initial question I filmed a similar video (visually) to the one I found online, but I think it gave a completely different view to the two videos together. They do not seem to go together as they have completely different texture and there are no added layers to the work. Although it was exciting that after filming I actually felt sick because of all toxic gases.

I guess its time to get into research…

What do you think about this?

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