Roberta Orlando (IT) You are better at making the bed than I am, 2020

Preview of the video installation You are better at making the bed than I am, 2020

Roberta Orlando talks about her participation in SPAR Virtual studio in relation to the Mind The Gap theme:

Taking part in the SPAR Virtual studio, I collected different works during the lockdown. All started from a personal situation and prospective, while my partner was working at the hospital. In particular, the documentation has been produced between February and May 2020. During that period, Italy faced the lockdown, and Lombardy was strongly hit by the pandemic.

The gaps came simultaneously and visibly; both personally and collectively. How do we overcome this situation? Which is the best way for protecting anybody and ourselves? How do get closer being distant? I was looking for a path, a wide point of observation, and a small space of action.
Art offered me all that, communicating without words what I was not able to explain.

How do we react in front of a gap? Even though we stumble, do we learn from a new prospective?

Roberta Orlando

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Roberta Orlando is an interdisciplinary artist, whose work investigates the relation between human rights, technology, and the role of visual and socially engaged arts in today’s society. She develops her artistic research through video, photography, installation, performance and sound. Previous exhibitions include: KUMU Art Museum (Tallinn, EE), Centre for Sex and Culture (San Francisco, US), Deutsches Historisches Museum (Berlin, DE), Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (Stockholm, S), MACRO Testaccio (Rome, IT), LaMaMa Theatre (New York, US), ]Performance Space[ (London, UK), Maison des Arts du Grütli (Geneva, CH), Labyrinth Gallery (Lublin, PL). Academic presentations include: University of Leeds (UK), University of Belgrade (RS), American University of Paris and Pantheon Sorbonne University (FR), University of Vienna (AT).

One thought on “Roberta Orlando (IT) You are better at making the bed than I am, 2020

  1. Hello, hello,
    I think that humanity has never lived the situation we are living right now. The way we approach this situation, the new ways we find to be closer to each other will make history. I believe that this is just the first pandemic we are facing… and we are leaning with the situation.
    We, the artists have a big work to be done, because in some ways we see inside-out much more then people that do other works.
    We are the privileged ones.

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