Nanda Raemansky (NL) Symptoms of COVID19: Borderline policies, 2020

Artist talk by Nanda Raemansky on how her work relates to her to the Mind the gap theme

As the lockdown occured during the pandemic, the border between the Netherlands and Belgium was locked off by the authorities. Here at the border in Eede, our village was cut in half with an iron fence and the police was patroling the bordercrossing at the mainroad. For our village this has been a recurring event over the time of history and there will always be a chance that it recurs once again.

Nanda Raemansky

Nanda Raemansky. From the series Symptoms of COVID19: Borderline policies (2020). Mixed media, 2020

*Selected works are available for purchase. For details please contact Nanda at

Nanda Raemansky (1980) is a multidisciplinary painter from Eede, a small bordervillage in the SouthWest of the Netherlands in the delta area, where Belgium and Holland meet. Before creating her own workshop and obtaining professional education, she began her artistic practice autonomously in 2003.

Talking about her creative path Nanda writes, “With such a background I can’t help but feel passionate about freedom and those who are brave enough to claim this. In my body of work I try to explore themes, mostly surroundings, that relate to freedom. In prospect of this, as a creative person, I have a special niche for the world of artistic/creative subcultures and the way they evolve.”

Themes of Nanda’s work often point back to the artistic, musical and largely anacho-communist environment of her childhood. Her practice is a careful methodology of medium manipulation, and she often starts with capturing her subject in photographs. She holds a degree in experimental painting from De Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in Ghent (Belgium).

  1. Eliane Velozo

    Hello, hello,
    on your video, are you riding a bicycle?
    I think that 2020 will the time of ‘closing frontiers’. I hope they will be all open some time.

  2. Avatar photo
    Titi Gutierrez

    Borders, always testing limits. Thanks for sharing your work.

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