Anais Ibert (FR) Collages, 2018-2019

Anais Ibert speaks about her art:

I create collages that are inspired by my street, by places that I visit, by my relationships with others and with myself. When I glue pieces of paper to wood I do not seek to reproduce reality, but my sensation of reality. 

Abstraction allows me to open the viewer’s gaze, letting them project their own singularity onto the collage. I free myself from arguments. 

I associate colors, forms, materials in order to create sensations in a pure movement.

Anais Ibert

Anais Ibert is a France-based artist working with photography, video, and audio. Her art often incorporates collaboration and collage and looks to understand the temporal.

«In her photographs, collages and films, Anaïs Ibert’s search through reality reveals parallel universes filled with poetry, oddity, rhythm, music and that indescribable feeling of the Tragic», – Martine Baransky, teacher and art historian
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    Very Interesting collages! Especially the Street, The sky and Kosmos. The Kosmos one really creates a different space!

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