Zofia Blażko (PL) Family photos, 2010

I present a set of family photos processed in my own technique.  The cycle refers to difficult, yet essential for our lives issues, such as blurring memory in the course of time and the inevitability of passing resulting in “dimming” the image of those who have passed away.

I present images important for my life, starting with historical photos from my family album, to my self-portrait. My goal was, among others, blurring a visible line between the past captured in old photos and the present, as well as emphasizing that I am also a stage of this story. I have subjected all the photos to processing, I have distorted and aged the glass plates to obtain an effect similar to the image that remains in our memory and becomes blurred. The memory of the youngest generation will also pass, the next one will come, and in this way, the cycle of life continues uninterrupted.

Zofia Blazhko

Zofia Błażko is a Polish painter and portraitist. She graduated with an MFA in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland and went on to receive a postgraduate degree in Art Therapy. Her work, interested in the female form, has been exhibited internationally. She currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

  1. Eliane Velozo

    Hello, hello,
    For you, is this like searching for your own cell inside of your family photos?
    Because, for me, when I look at my family’s photographs, I fell as searching for myself.

  2. Avatar photo
    Titi Gutierrez

    A visual journey through time. Thanks for sharing

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