Transpositions III: Mind The Gap / Online exhibition of the St. Petersburg Art Residency / Start of the route

From July 25th to August 2nd #VirtualSPAR hosted an online exhibition. On this page you can read about the project. To access the posts from the regular digital studio space just scrolling right on the homepage. Feel free to comment on the works from the exhibition and watch recordings of our live public program in the end of this page).

“There is a gap between the mind and the world, and (as far as anybody knows) you need to posit internal representations if you are to have a hope of getting across it. Mind the gap. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

Jerry A. Fodor, ‘The Modularity of Mind’ (1983)

Welcome to TRANSPOSITIONS III — an online exhibition featuring works by artists of the St. Petersburg Art Residency. The project was originally planned to take place at the St. Petersburg Museum of nonconformist art. Due to the pandemic the exhibition migrated online. 

The third issue of the ‘Transpositions’ exhibition addresses the theme of gaps and their role in our life. How are gaps created and what do they change in the way we see the world and ourselves in it? Should we try to overcome these gaps at any cost or embrace them as an essential part of our empirical knowledge?

In the modern world’s quest to technical perfection gaps tend to be seen as errors or defects, but at the same time they are important signs of human presence. In this context the concept of gaps can be linked to the idea of imperfection as a natural part of being human and to destigmatizing failure.

As negative spaces in a collage gaps can be all-sufficient objects to look at both visually and conceptually. Or they can reveal the missing details lost in translation between languages, media, and communication forms. The participants of the exhibition were encouraged to reflect on the concept of gaps, their different forms, functions, and aesthetics from personal perspectives.

Today, as we see the world going through dramatic changes we should all “mind the gap.”

We are glad to present you works by Agathe Simon (FR) / Anais Ibert (FR) / Andrea Stanislav (USA) / Barbara Tong (UK/CN) / Chikako Goto (JP) / Claudia Blaesi (DE) / Claudia Sinigaglia (IT) / Cynthia Fusillo (USA/ES) / Eliane Velozo (BR) / Emily Orzech (US) / Joanna Ellmann (EST) / Julia Dubovik (UA/USA) / Katharina Kneip (DE) / Lars Kollros and Alexandra Zaitseva (AUS) / Marie de La Ville Baugé (FR/RU) / Marielle van den Bergh (NL) / Mels Dees (NL) / Nanda Raemansky (NL) / Noelle Mason (USA) / Noor van der Brugge (NL) / Polly Williams (AU) / Prasanta Kumar (IN) / Rexy Tseng (TW) / Roberta Orlando (IT) / Rory Harron (IE) / Sandra Flores Velázquez (MX) / Stella Baraklianou (GR/UK) / Sunim Koh (KR) / Suus Agnes (NL) / Waller Austin (USA) / Wesley John Fourie (NZ) / William Douglas (USA) / Yumiko Ono (JP) / Zofia Blazhko (PL)

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25.07.20 at 17:00 CEST / EXHIBITION OPENING
Anastasia Patsey, Elizaveta Ordinarceva, and Nazar Niazmetov talked about Transpositions III, this year’s theme, and the past issues of the project. Participating artists tuned in to send their greetings as well!

26-30.07.20 / STUDIO VISITS

27.07.20 / 15:30-16:30 CEST
Sandra Flores Velasquez, Emily Orzech.
Moderated by Elizaveta Ordinarceva

28.07.20 / 16:00-17:00 CEST
Lars Kollros, Alexandra Zaitseva.
Moderated by Elizaveta Ordinarceva

29.07.20 / 18:00-19:00 CEST
Noelle Mason, Marie de la ville Baugé,
Claudia Bläsi, Stella Baraklianou.
Moderated by Anastasia Patsey

30.07.20 / 19:30 CEST
Katharina Kneip, Nanda Raemansky.
Moderated by Sophia Cloherty

31.07.20 / 19:00 CEST
Will Douglas, Waller Austin.
Moderated by Sophia Cloherty

01.08.20 / 19:00 CEST
Online curatorial tour with Anastasia Patsey, part 1

11:00 CEST
Finger knitting workshop with Wesley John Fourie

19:00 CEST
Online curatorial tour with Anastasia Patsey, part 2

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