Art can communicate without words – Continuous, Roberta Orlando

From the previous post, a preview of the video installation You are better at making the bed than I am, is now available. This piece is intentionally slow, highlighting absence and uncertainty.

5 thoughts on “Art can communicate without words – Continuous, Roberta Orlando

  1. Dear Roberta, thank you for sharing!
    The work is so touching and it perfectly expresses the situation and feelings you described. Indeed no words needed, only when it is up on multiple screens and speakers in some exhibition space after the pandemia, I would add a short line “Lombardy, Italy. March 2020. My partner is a medical worker” – and it would be enough to put the audience in all the context.

  2. Dear Roberta,
    I agree with Liza, this is a very touching work. I like how slow and silent it is, its intimacy. And this white noise that you listen into. It will make a strong impression when displayed as a multi-channel video.

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