What is Left (the materials I have in my studio), Cynthia Fusillo

Flowers from Angela, Sienna, Sandra


After about 6 weeks of isolation I have a limited amount of materials to work with. I usually pick up Nature and buy a few things at the local art supply store.

Luckily I am industrious and started to create things with the dried and dead flowers I had received from my daughters and friends.

Most of my work is about the body and human experience.

Living in Harmony

This installation I made in Shanghai at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel ..I was drinking a lot of tea ,so, most of these shoes were made out of the teas I drank (rose, flower, lavender, puerh) The papers I died with tea also. One pair of shoes is made from an ancient Chinese dictionary that I found in a book market.

Using materials that are natural and a part of every day life -ritual interest me.

4 thoughts on “What is Left (the materials I have in my studio), Cynthia Fusillo

  1. Oh, I love your tea-shoes! And I really hope it will be possible to soften the lockdown soon, or at least you will somehow get Nature-supplied with new materials!

  2. Happy to see more shoes! 🙂
    Do some of them exist as single objects? It seems that three of the shoes on the photo don’t have pairs. Or are they just not in the image?

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