Why do I create Instagram paintings of the past? Laurence de Valmy (USA)

My artwork revisit art history through anachronistic Instagram of the past.

I created this concept out of the combination of several ideas:

The first one was the realization that Instagram could become a Medium for art instead of being only a Media. Take a look at some profiles of bloggers, visual artists and see to what extent these profiles are Art in themselves. Since I often had the comment that my paintings “looked like photos” since I painted in a very realist style, I thought that I should play the game and create paintings as Instagram posts, so Instagram becomes officially art ;-).

The second thought was that artists do what they do, because of who they are of course and also thanks to who they know.

I love to read about art history, but mostly I love to learn about the personal stories of artists, how they were connected with other artists, art dealers, writers, their lovers etc.

Warhol painted a can of soup because Lichtenstein used the subject of comics, because Muriel Latow suggested him to do so and because Duchamp created his Fountain in 1917. Velasquez but also Braque and Matisse and African sculptors influenced Picasso and participated in making him who he was. In a nutshell, art history is a continuum.

These stories are at the core of my work and by sharing them, I invite the viewers to see these artworks in a new light.

Below are some examples of Duo paintings showing the links between artists such as Van Gogh and Mitchell or Kelly and Indiana.

check out more examples on my website or instagram @laurencedevalmy and happy to read your thoughts 🙂

  1. Avatar photo
    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Laurence,
    Thank you for the post! The images look really cool and fresh)

    1. Avatar photo
      Laurence de Valmy

      Thanks Nazar ! 🙂 happy to share my work and discover the work of others 🙂

  2. Avatar photo
    Crystal Marshall

    Great article. It is interesting to see artists work over time and how one generation after another influences cycle through. I agree the impact of social media is definitely a medium to incorporate into ones artistic expression. I personally use Instagram to tag specific events in my artistic journey along with my thoughts that I feel relates to my work.

    1. Avatar photo
      Laurence de Valmy

      thanks Crystal. I often think that art historian of the future will use instagram as a great source of information into the lives of artists…

      1. Avatar photo
        Crystal Marshall

        I can definitely see that happening for sure.

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