Continuing the Practice (but with new insights), Cynthia Fusillo

Here in Spain the Coronavirus continues, but I am happy to be able to continue to create and express myself. I am sharing some images from the past month. I am continuing to superimpose images and create new ephemeral installations.

Helping Hand

5 thoughts on “Continuing the Practice (but with new insights), Cynthia Fusillo

  1. Love the photographs and superimpositions. They almost imply two realities intertwined and simultaneously communicating different messages. I was intrigued by all the layers and wondered about their inherent meaning.

    1. Hi Crystal..yes, I have been layering transparent images for some time . There are definitely many messages simultaneously…kind of how my brain works…and a way to present a myriad of interpretations by the viewer. Whatever culture or language I am immersed in at the time I like to respond by adapting some of their imagery and language …especially when related to women.

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