Numbers as Art (pArt 3) / Ilia Bouslakov (Russia)

Hi. Today we are talking about numbers looking likenumbers. Easy to read.

Just imagine a project when an artist draws faces of different people. Every person would be different even if made in the same technique.

Every number is unique too. Can’t you easily distinguish one number from another, even if typed in the same font?

I’m trying to go further – transforming numbers (every one of which is unique) into personalities. One number – one work. No duplicate or alternative realization. There are so different and there are so many of them that if you ask me what a specific number within my project looks like – most probably I won’t be able to answer, except a few ones. But I will certainly read any of my works with one eye closed (NB: standard rules of reading).

A few handmade numbers below (paper 42×30 cm, acrylic).

More works at

“Number 62”.
“Number 203”.
“Number 4”.
“Number 376”.
“Number 360”.
“Number 314”.
“Number 338”.
“Number 147”.
“Number 385”.
“Number 327”.

as usual, to be continued…

  1. Laurence de Valmy

    great work. it makes me think of the numbers of Robert Indiana who had associated a cycle of live with each. 0 being death if I recall correctly. great concept!

    1. Avatar photoAvatar photo
      Ilia Bouslakov

      Laurence, you can’t imagine how grateful l am to you for your comment since I’m absolutely ignorant in art and especially in art history. Roman Opalka was the only artist dealing with numbers I was told about after I had started my project. It reassures a lot and makes me think that I’m not completely crazy). It’s a pity I’ll never be able to meet them. Now I realize that a few of my ideas (e.g. numbers in form of sculpture; words “love” and “die” (which are going to be presented as numbers)) intersect with Robert Indiana’ artworks. It’s a kind of reinventing bicycles, but it’s awesome not to be alone. Many many thanks!!

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