Numbers as Art (pArt 2) / Ilia Bouslakov (Russia)

Hello. Today we are addressing numbers looking like words. That was an accidental discovery too, just like in case of numbers looking like humans (see my previous post).

As a comment to this part 2 I’d like to say that sometimes I smile when I come across some of these words in real life because they have an absolutely different meaning if looking through my project prism.

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“Number 193”. Reads ” I’m ” (Tattoo).
Comment: I -1; ’ – 9; m – 3 turned counterclockwise.
“Number 290”.  Reads ”ego”. (all the drawings on paper 42×30 cm, acrylic).
Comment: e – 2 (you can see that the left upper round part is not connected to the horizontal line in the middle); g – 9; o – 0.
“Number 349”.  Reads ”MIR” meaning “world” or “peace” in Russian.
Comment: M – 3 turned counterclockwise; И – 4 (drawn if form of a vertical line on the left upper part, a horisontal line in the middle and a vertical line on the right lower part) whose left upper part is lowered; P – 9.
“Number 378”. I can’t read it since these are Japanese hieroglyphs – mountain (left one – 3 turned clockwise), man/human being (in the middle – 7 turned counterclockwise), sun (right one – 8).

“Number 332”. Reads “World War 2”.
Comment: W – 3 turned clockwise.
“Number 370”.  Reads ”ZLO” meaning “EVIL” in Russian.

“Number 183”. Reads “IBM”.
Comment: B – 8; M – 3 turned counterclockwise.
“Number 318”. Reads “Men In Black”.
Comment: M – 3 turned counterclockwise; B – 8.
“Number 361”. Reads ”MI” meaning “WE” in Russian.

“Number 101”. Reads ”lol (LOL = Lots Of Laughs)”.

To be continued…

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