The leather bag, thinking about the creation of epidemic situation, Jianglong

 Hello everyone, I’m from China. Because I can’t log in to the website through my account, I have to go over the wall(it means bypass the corresponding IP blockade to realize the access to the overseas network content).I tried many times ,and finally i can release it ,but the network is still very unstable.

I’ve been at home for nearly three months,I can’t go back to the studio,i have to stay at home.During this time, I think of the scene of returning to my hometown before the Spring Festival. At that time, it was still full of vitality,

But when the virus cames,it was all quiet

So I’m thinking about what it’s like to be the moment when all human beings fall

And here is one of my works about the empty leather series,now it seems to have somrthing to do with this outbreak.

Although the epidemic situation in China is basically under control, we still can’t relax. Of course, I still can’t go back to the studio. I can only work in my home.

I hope everything will return to normal soon

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    Cynthia Fusillo

    Amazing photos!! thank you

    1. jianglong


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    Anastasia Patsey

    Hi, Jianglong, and nice to meet you!

    Those leather costume looks amazing, but also pretty scary. Was it physically produced or is it a 3D model?
    Also, where are you based in China?


  3. jianglong

    Hi,Anastasia,Nice to meet you !
    thank you .The material of the sculpture is wood, which is carved by hand.
    I live in Beijing,and my studio.
    Best wish

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      Anastasia Patsey

      This is incredible! I would have never guessed it’s wood. Can you post some close-ups / work-in-progress images?

  4. Jianglong

    Thanks,I posted a new blog with a video,you can see some work in progress about works.

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      Anastasia Patsey

      Thank you, just watched the video!

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