Art can be a lifesaver, Roberta Orlando

From the very beginning of the lockdown, I took this experience as an opportunity, despite its difficulties and uncertainties. Day by day, I tried to focus my attention on learning, listening, and embracing art, as much as possible. In February, I spent my time between work and home, while my partner was working at the hospital. 

End of February. Lombardy, Italy. 

I started to take pictures of my partner’s empty side of bed. Then we split the apartment for safety reasons. Two pillows were not necessary anymore. I wanted to capture absence, time, and mostly, how the emergency affected our everyday life. 

8 thoughts on “Art can be a lifesaver, Roberta Orlando

  1. Dear Roberta, nice to meet you! I admire your attitude towards the situation! Looking forward to hearing more about your current work.

  2. Hi, Roberta!
    Thank you for sharing this. I like the photographic triptych a lot. It’s a hard task to capture the absence of something/someone. And you managed to do this on such an intimate level.
    Is your partner still working at the hospital? How did you split the apartment and how was it to live together without being together?
    We are so lucky and privileged to have art in our lives, especially during these challenging times.

    1. Hello Anastasia! Thanks very much for your comment and questions. Yes, my partner is still working at the hospital.
      We organized the apartment with two separated areas. Indeed, it is not easy to respect, we have common areas anyway. At the beginning it was hard, but we found a sort of daily routine. Hopefully, this won’t last forever.

      1. I wish you both patience and inner strength to live through this hard period. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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