ISO/NZ Driveway documentation

Some photographs from a walk, trying to look at my home anew!
For now just playing around with ideas. edits and getting back into painting… hope everyone is safe and doing okay!~

8 thoughts on “ISO/NZ Driveway documentation

    1. I am very lucky.. especially to be able to walk and be in nature during this time, hopefully you will be able to enjoy it again soon – I am glad that for now it reminded you of easier times!

  1. Looks amazing! You’re so lucky to have the opportunity to go for a walk and experience these amazing landscapes. Did your vision of the surrounding nature change in any way in the context of the shutdown and self isolation?

    1. I am indeed. It definitely has changed, anything I previously took for granted has realigned – significantly more gratitude! (going hand in hand with how the pandemic alters our thinking anyway?.. perhaps?) the solitude and isolation suits the environment well so perhaps more reflection!

      1. I agree! Just read in the news that very rare birds were noticed on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. This is something I always miss here — the lack of nature. You have to drive for at least a couple of hours to really get out into the wilderness.

        1. Oh truly? that is pretty amazing and beautiful that they return… I found that too! I was in St. P for two months and it is incredibly beautiful but it definitely feels different when you manage to get into the wilderness! (I hope that it is possible again to do trips and whatnot to get away from the city soon!)

  2. Very inspiring Taarn, like it because it is kind of wild. Always wanting to go there, but I was freezing already in Melbourne.. So I thought to make it in your summer later:)
    Would love to see more!

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