Real Residency in Isolation, Katya Lebedev

There are moments when the self isolation and quarantining can make the real life residency quite lonely

But then it’s also one of the only times that you can borrow a funny little bicycle from a fellow Pushkinskaya 10 artist (50 years your senior and respecting the 2metre social distancing of course) And ride circles around the Palace Square blasting Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony.

I also realized on the ride back to creation cave, that Catherine has been standing in great majestic isolation for almost 150 years.

So a couple of months, it’s a light breeze off the Finnish gulf!

And to finish here, a little saucy quote from O.Wilde:

“No great artist sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be a great artist”

3 thoughts on “Real Residency in Isolation, Katya Lebedev

  1. Very good citation. These words are so needed to hear in these days of quarantine, during which, I hope, everybody and specially artists won’t give up seeing things with creativity.

  2. Dear Katya,
    An offline residency during the shutdown truly is a unique experience. I see people sharing photos of the empty city, and it feels very mystical, almost supernatural. It would also be great to hear about your project and how it’s developing in the residency-isolation.

    All the best,

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