Nature quarantined, Anastasia Prahova

Nature quarantined part I


I am currently in lockdown in the countryside (outside Moscow). I am lucky to spend these few difficult weeks surrounded by nature so I could not resist bringing a 2,5 m tree from the riverbank…


I am experimenting with the materiality of the materials such as plaster (as my primary material) and wood (as a new accident). So here are the photos of my little exploration.

Going to explore this communication between the burned wood and plaster and combine it in a new sculptural form.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

8 thoughts on “Nature quarantined, Anastasia Prahova

  1. Wow, it looks fantastic! Thank you for the pictures!
    Sorry for the everyday question, but how did you manage to buy food and other products for such a long period? Are there grocery stores nearby?
    By the way, the interest in non-traditional materials in creativity now has a special potential, due to the fact that the best art shops are simply closed in Russia (and don’t have well working websites) 😀

    1. I am in lockdown with my family and we bought food in advance for a few months, but we still can drive to the nearest store (7-10 km away). In Russia, only Moscow is in the quarantine starting today, but my area will probably be as well in a few weeks (or even days).

  2. Dear Anastasia,
    Thank you for sharing your working process. I agree that this is an unusual and very interesting combination of materials. One can discover so many images and shapes in those objects, like in the last photo you’ve posted. A face? A bone? Porcelain?.. By the way, how are you organising your working space? I suppose it’s outdoors? 🙂

    Looking forward to the development of this experiment.


  3. P.S. I can only imagine the faces of your neighbours who watched you transport this huge piece of tree with your bike. Unless they’re familiar with your art practice, they were probably wondering what you’d be using it for :))

  4. Hey Nastia,
    It’s so great that you managed to go to the countryside at this time! Hope you’re doing well and enjoy the nature around. Love that you burned your sculptures – new touch. Keep posting, looking forward to your new photos!

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