In the studio, Cynthia Fusillo


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  1. Beautiful works! In the Netherlands there is an important museum, that has each year an international show. One year with paper artists, the next year with textile artists. It is Museum Rijswijk.
    This year, if the corona crisis permits, there will be a Paper Biennial. Next year there will be the Textile Biennial. Try to get your work in these shows, when they advertise it on the website or in the Newsletter. Good luck.

  2. I really love this! Being able to see it all as a collection is really interesting… perfect that your studio and home are one. What draws you towards shoes and vases? (if you don’t mind me asking! just curious~)

    1. Taarn! I have been living in my studio for a few years. It is a bit “funky/bohemian) but that suits me. I think I like using everyday recognisable objects in a different way with unusual materials. And the idea of working in a space between craft and high art intrigues me. I also make dresses out of paper and nature which I will post eventually.

      1. Hi Cynthia! haha perfectly bohemian (I think that is the dream!) Ah cool, I enjoy that concept alot… that space is definitely quite intriguing and plenty to explore within it (between craft/high art) . Oh wow! they sound beautiful, I await the post 🙂

  3. Dear Cynthia,
    The vases are exciting! Minimalism and natural colors make me calmer 🙂
    Also, I thought it should be not easy to save the paper object for a long time, is in it? I mean not conservation in a museum, but “using” at home – how susceptible are your art pieces to moisture?

    Good luck and pleasant creativity in your cozy workshop!

    1. Nazar…paper can last a LONG is covered with mediums also so that will help. I put dried flowers in them although it is possible to leave the “plastic balloon” inside..(that is how I make the round shape) Thank you for asking..

  4. Dear Cynthia,
    It’s so exciting to get an insight into your working space. I’m also very impressed by the works. Could you tell a couple of words about their “life”? Do you exhibit them as single art objects or in installations? Or maybe use in performances?

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