Claudia Blaesi (DE) Blue Hour, 2020

There is a gap between day and nighttime …just a small time. I’ve always been fascinated about this …full of magic, secrets and promises.

Hard to explain this beauty in words.

In my artwork series „Blue Hour” I’ve tried to capture this moment visually. I just captured a microcosmic sequence and called it Blue Hour.

So, that’s my creed: not mind the gap, rather find, love and estimate the gap. Gaps are Sources of inspiration and creativity. Gaps are parameter for fantasy. I love it!

Find the gap, Estimate the gap!”

Claudia Blaesi
Claudia Blaesi is a self-taught visual artist based in Munich (Germany). Both her painting and photography practices are interested in amplifying microsmic phenomena. Her work often looks to translate worldly energies into abstract forms. She writes, “ Art is a dialogue for me and speaks its own language. It’s a bridge and a link and… breaks conventional patterns and themes.”
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  1. Eliane Velozo

    Hello, hello
    I like your approach to nature.
    I love your book.

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