Roadblock – by Nanda Raemansky

Borderpatrol at the Rijksweg, Eede (NL)

Since Belgium decided to lock the border, because of the coronavirus, I can’t help but to think about Bob Marley’s song; ‘Rebel music – 3 o’clock Roadblock’

Rebel music – 3 o’clock roadblock – Bob Marley & The Wailers
Roadblock Doornstraatje, Sint Laureins (BE). Charcoal on paper 15 x 21 cm

Bob Marley had a good point when he wrote this song. Eventhough his story has a completely different background than the one we are experiencing today, to me the lyrics could have just as well been written for the situation here.

” Why can’t we roam this open country? Oh, why can’t we be what we wanna be? We want to be free ” – from Rebel music by Bob Marley

Roadblock Damsevaart, Sluis(NL)

It is interresting to see how fluid a border, even in the mids of Shengen, can be.

Roadblock Vuilpanstraat, Sint Laureins (BE)

My grandfather was angry with my mother, when she came to live in Holland. Eventhough it was only about 30 kilometer away from their home.

Borderpassage Scheidingstraat, Eede(NL)

He had seen how quick the situation at the border can change during the second world war. With the risk that you get stucked on the wrong side of the fence.

Bordermarker at the Oostweg, Sint Kruis (NL)

Well, this time the border will probably only be closed for about 3 months, but 3 months was enough to get trouble because of it.

Raemansky 2020 ©

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    Thank you! 🙂 This is a new way of working for to me too. It seems to be a great way to let other people in on my creative process. Now that I have been working like this I can really see the extra value of this and I think I will try to find away to make this a more regular element in my work.

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Wow, I love such expressive and colorful representation of reality as well as bold compositions of your images. Great job!

    And I hope that everything will be resolved soon. Hold on!

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      Thank you 🙂

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