Diving/Mergulho. Freedom/Liberdade. Eliane Velozo


About this Project:

To be able to  understand the current humanitarian crisis, it is necessary to relate it, essentially to the ways of life developed by the human being: the exploitation, without limits, of man by man, and of Mother Earth’s resources, by man.

The animal-human-been‘s thirst for power and financial profits leads him to respect no one, not to respect anything that is part of the ecological and social system in which he is inserted.

With the right to come and go curtailed, I have my less than 100m² as space for locomotion and carrying out this work that I develop through SPAR’s Virtual Artistic Residence.

I am based on the local and global socio-political context, and, as if I were an archaeologist, I dig inside myself and revisit my photographic archive, my memories of lived places, and establish relationships with small objects and residues of experiences, which are stored somewhere in my brain, in my heart and / or in my home.


About me:

Eliane Velozo was born and lives in Brazil. 

She is Master of Fine Arts – The University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago/USA and has an Undergraduate in Visual Communication – Design, at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Her artwork has bein exhibited in many Brazilian States, such as Paraiba, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo, Sergipe. And abroad, in: Itály; Cabo Verde; Portugal (Cities of Lisbon and Porto); USA (States of Illinois, Missouri and Texas).

She is an art producer, and curator and has two published books: White Dream – Trilogy and ‘Times of Time’.

Has experience in teaching photography, art and ecologyhistory and aesthetics of photography.

She works with low visual ability caused by macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative condition that leads to blindness.

Made artistic residencies for the Open Password Project at: City of Grandola. Portugal; Demolición-Construción. Cordoba. Argentina; Matucana 100. Santiago. Chile; Assemblage, Johanesburf, South Africa; Associación de Pedagogos de Cuba. La Habana. Cuba; St. Petersburgo Art Residency. St. Petersburgo Russia.



Sobre este Projeto

Para compreender a atual crise humanitária faz-se necessário relacioná-la, essencialmente aos modos de vida desenvolvidos pelo ser humano: exploração, sem limites, do homem pelo homem, e dos recursos da Mãe Terra, pelo homem.

A sede de poder e lucros financeiros do bicho-ser-humano leva-o a não respeitar ninguém, não respeitar nada que faz parte do sistema ecológico e social no qual ele próprio está inserido.

Com o direito de ir e vir cerceado, tenho meus menos de 100m² como espaço de locomoção e de realização deste trabalho que desenvolvo através da Residência Artística Virtual da SPAR.

Baseio-me no contexto sócio-político local e mundial, e, como se fosse arqueóloga, escavo dentro de mim mesma e através da revisitação de meu acervo fotográfico, de minhas memórias de lugares vividos, e estabeleço relações com pequenos objetos e resíduos de vivências, que estão guardados, em algum lugar em meu cérebro, em meu coração e/ou na minha casa.


Sobre Eliane Velozo:

Nasceu e vive no Brasil.

É mestra em Belas Artes – Universidade de Illinois em Chicago, Chicago / EUA e graduada em Comunicação Visual – Design, pela Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil.

Sua obra já foi exibida em diversos Estados brasileiros, como Paraíba, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, São Paulo, Sergipe. E no exterior, na Itália; Cabo Verde; Portugal (cidades de Lisboa e Porto); EUA (Estados de Illinois, Missouri e Texas).

É produtora de arte, curadora e tem dois livros publicados: ‘Sonho Branco – Trilogia’ e ‘Tempos de Tempo.

Tem experiência no ensino de fotografia, arte e ecologia, história e estética da fotografia.

Trabalha com baixa capacidade visual causada por degeneração macular e retinose pigmentar, uma condição degenerativa que leva à cegueira.

Residências artísticas realizadas para o Projeto
Senha Aberta: Cidade de Grândola. Portugal; Demolição-Constrição. Córdoba. Argentina; Matucana 100. Santiago. Chile; Assemblage, Johanesburf, África do Sul; Associação de Pedagogos de Cuba, La Havana. Cuba; St. Petersburg Art Residency. São Petersburgo Rússia.








  1. Olá Elaine! Muito bacana o texto. As formigas são obra sua?
    Hello Elaine! Very nice text. Are ants your work?

    1. Eliane Velozo

      Sim, claro. Todas as fotos no meu trabalho são feitas por mim.
      Paulo, podes me achar no FB?
      Yes. for sure, all the photos in my work were made by me.

  2. Avatar photo
    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Eliane,
    Your comparison made me think of a text I read recently where the author talks about the image of another insect.
    After the Parisian Hive (and probably the influence of collectivist ideas of the late 19th century and early 20th), many artists began to use this metaphor in their work, and theorists described the artistic process by analogy with the world of bees.

    Now people even sometimes set up hives on the roofs, and the bees allegedly even like the city and their honey is useful, because in contrast to the countryside, where only monocultures are developed, there are a lot of weeds in the city.
    Have you heard about the salvation of the hives in the burnt Notre Dame last year? (if you are interested in illustrations of the “art of bees”, this is the very text:

    Yes… Do you think we are more ants after all? 🙂

    1. Eliane Velozo

      Thanks Nazar. I will see it!

    2. Janayna Velozo

      Hey Nazar! You made really good questions and observations during Eliane’s interview on Instagram, and now… here you are again… going deeper and deeper in the quest for meaning…

      Can I comment? I think ants are way beyond humans, once they have one of the most complex social organizations in nature, without a higher-level communication system and consciousness. It’s amazing how they obtain optimal solutions from decentralized elements working randomly and exchanging simple information. Maybe the question could also be: how much are we really aware of internal or external existence? We already know that the ants are not. But… are we really? In that way of thinking… maybe we are more like ants after all. More than we can imagine… and certainly more than we would like…

      PS: interesting bee artworks!

      1. Eliane Velozo

        Nazar and Janayna: I think we are more like ants after all… on the question of freedom the ants may do better then we do… at lest they look like feel better than we on doing all that work…
        mayve, really we are more like ants, but we do not admit this.
        thanks for the repplyes.

        1. Avatar photo
          Nazar Niazmetov

          Dear Eliane,
          Please tell me a little more about freedom of ants!
          What do you mean exactly?

      2. Avatar photo
        Nazar Niazmetov

        Dear Janayna, thank you for your words and your activity!

        You know, as far as I can see in Russia there is not so many ants, so, maybe we can not observe them so often. Your thoughts are really deep, I will remember them when will be in a forest!

        I hope you could translate the “bees’ art” text from Russian into Portuguese by an application too 🙂

  3. Eliane Velozo

    The link you showed me is very good. Thanks
    On the bees, because I even may have a piece of work about bees.

    1. Avatar photo
      Nazar Niazmetov

      I will be happy to see it!

  4. Eliane Velozo

    Hi Nazar,
    I guess the ants just work and never question anything… as far as I believe…
    One interesting thing is that there is a kind of ants that if they are sick, from a virus or a bacteria – I not sure the one – it’s body gets with another color and the ant goes to the top of a tree… you know why? to no infect all the other ones, and when this ant is very high on the tree, from her body there is an explosion of the virus from her body… and because it is very high on the tree this virus can not get to the other ants.
    It is a quarantine, but then the ant dies, by saving the others.

  5. Avatar photo

    Hello Eliane, you make powerful work. I especially like what you say about the economy being a dictator and neo-liberalism it’s binding force. You very accuratly point out what I think is the biggest problem in the world today. I believe neo-liberalism and it’s: ‘all hail the economy attitude’ has created a whole new form of slavery and can very well end up destroying the world as a result.

    1. Eliane Velozo

      Hi Raemansky,
      thanks for you comment. For me, it is not possible to separate the economy and politics from my art.

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