Flowing Equines-Euphoria of Life Neerajj Mittra, New Delhi, India

Music By : Kabir Dev Mittra

Some tales are timeless, some beyond times but tethered are they all to each other with the beauty called ‘LIFE‘.  Life as my MUSE shows me, rendering HORSEPOWER to my BRUSH & PEN and ocean’s depth to my COLOURS.

My MUSE and ME stride on the PAPER terrain and I see the world in BLACK!

BLACK ! The immense possibility for all that’s light now was all once dark.

BLACK ! The intense and powerful for it holds in it what LIFE is – THE PRECIOUS BEAUTY.

Yes, BLACK is the beauty and BEAUTIFUL is LIFE for it is made of colours of HAPPINESS, PASSION, FRIENDSHIP, JOYS & REJOICE.

And all that’s colourful is also all that’s BLACK – The PASSIONATE , POWERFUL & JUBILANT.

Galloping beyond the horizons, hearing the tales of the Emperors & Knights my MUSE has shown me that life is – HAPPY & BRIGHT!

As BRIGHT as the first ray of the SUN, As HAPPY as the winter SUNSHINE.

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My MUSE gallops heights with thumping heart, yet REJOICES when the new day starts.

My MUSE crosses rivers with much strain, yet CELEBRATES every drop of water when it rains. 

My MUSE takes battle wounds with pain, yet SPREES with happiness when it knows that its knight has won.

My MUSE leaps over the mountains & stones overcoming every fear, yet enjoys life with FUN, FROLICS & CHEERS.

My MUSE lives its life HEARTFUL being GRATEFUL for all that’s HUMAN and all that’s THE HORSE.

“Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain ARTIST once you grow up”, said the legendary Pablo Picasso.

I am truly blessed that because of my muse by my side since childhood,                                I have been, I am and I remainAN ARTIST

I remain 

Neerajj Mittra

Visual Artist, Art Curator, Gallerist & Explorer of Life




  1. Hello! Wow, what a cool post! really enjoyed. Congratulations on the beautiful text.

    1. Neerajj Mittra

      Thanks dear Paulo
      Spar has given an interesting platform to explore the post production as well like music etc
      Stay connected

  2. Avatar photo
    Nazar Niazmetov

    Thank you for sharing!
    Is it ink or felt pen?

  3. Neerajj Mittra

    Dear nazar
    I used felt pen.i love it’s free flow especially on art paper or art card.
    I love to directly draw them no prior pencil work:::it kills the energy

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