Paintings without people, Fernanda Olivares

Painting detail in process

Before the lockdown, I used to paint moving bodies. During dance company rehearsals, I would photograph dancers and create compositions where body was dignified as our personal and social habitat by translating it into paintings. During the start of the pandemic everything became intimate and isolated, so I decided to make a shift in my work during these times. I started a still life series with transitory objects based on costume,miniatures and detachment.

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    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Fernanda,
    This is a deep idea! I suppose the very conceptualism can help classic art be really actual and flexible.

    Looking forward to seeing your new messages,
    Good luck!

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      Fernanda Olivares

      Thank you Nazar! It´s an interesting shift in the work during confinement. I like looking for balance between concept and technical skills. Sure, I´ll be sharing more about these new pieces!

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    Anastasia Patsey

    Hi, Fernanda!
    Looking forward to seeing more from this series. Now is a good moment and opportunity to look into the small things that surround us and find something special about them.

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