Interview #8: Mariëlle van den Bergh

Our guest for Saturday’s live interview is Mariëlle van den Bergh from the Netherlands. She works with a wide range of media: from graphic art and paintings to textile to sculpture. During her residency at SPAR in 2017, she collaborated with the charity organization for homeless people “Nochlezhka” (from Russian: “a place to sleep”). Mariëlle organised a special tour for members of their community through the Hermitage and created a series of paintings addressing social and economic inequality.
Already before COVID-19 spread in the Netherlands, Mariëlle self-isolated on a Northern deserted island and created a new series of works that she shared on #VirtualSPAR.

Join us in our Instagram account 20.06 at 18:00 CEST / 19:00 Moscow time.

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