Star Trauth-Artist

My cylindrical tapestry, Totems, are created using fiber and marrying them with unconventional materials. My vision is a departure from traditional fiber works while employing some of it’s conventional methods. 

I start with a cylindrical base and create a tapestry of fiber and other elements that I find interesting. Metals, bark, insect parts, papers, etc. have been used in addition to fibers to bring my vision to life.

The viewer will often ask the story of my totems, the inspiration, and sometimes what they are. They are interacting with me and the totems, visually, intellectually, emotionally, and tactilely. This opens a dialogue that delves deeply into my personal life and creative process. This creates the conversation I desire.

Pray Prey Triptych, 2018, Fiber On Loan

“I want my art to engage as many senses as possible.”

—Star Trauth

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