Mixed Media

Star Trauth—Artist

Detail, Head Full of Forgotten Things, 2019. Ontological Museum, Permanent Collection

Mixed Media was where I really started to experiment in making my own media and marrying it with other objects of curiosity.

The freedom to work with whatever I wanted in whatever way I wanted to actually focused me.

I began to envision art pieces that were made wholly of my own materials.

This required a lot of trial and error. I never considered any of it failure, just the learning process to getting new works from my head to the canvas, so to speak.

Vain Hope, 2021 Private Collection

“When I have everything laid before me my eye tends to land on the minutiae.”

—Star Trauth

Killing Time in the Pause, 2018 Artist’s Collection Say My Name, 2018, Artist’s Collection

Momento Mori, 2018, Artist’s Collection. My Own Voice Echoing Back at Me, 2018, Private Collection

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