SPAR offline / Ilia Bouslakov (Russia)

I’m just back to Vologda (Russia) after a two weeks offline stay at SPAR (so far domestic travels within Russia have not been restricted).

Guest appartment at SPAR

I’m not going to post the pictures of Saint-Petersbourg, though I literally adore the latter. It’s probably worth mentionning that all the Russians are devided into those preferring Saint-Petersbourg to Moscow (my case), and vice versa.

All subsequent photos are made at Pushkinskaya-10 Art center (SPAR is a part of it), which includes more than 10 exhibition sites, 40 studios of artists and musicians, and a theater. I got acquainted with several resident artists who stood at the origins of the creation of Pushkinskaya-10 (more than 30 years ago), which was formed as a result of the squat of a resettled house by non-conformist artists and subsequently legalized. There are many contrasts here.

I came here with an exhibition at SPAR (“Numbers as Art” of course) and lived right there in a guest apartment. There are lots of “first times” that happened to me here: first solo exhibition, first art residency experience, first live contact and feedbacks from visitors, first advice to me to see a shrink, first direct contacts with professional artists, first proposals for group exhibitions and colloboration, first graffiti made, etc. etc. So you can easily imagine my state of mind. And of course this is a good example of the opportunities that the Virtual SPAR is offering to its participants.

An finally I would like to thank one more time the SPAR team for this opportunity, for your hospitality and assistance creating an absolutely friendly and cozy atmosthere for a newcomer to the unknown world of art.

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