I can’t see, Johannes Gerard

Instead to focus on certain art projects or a particular art work of mine, I will post more statements or ideas about what is going on in my mind. Because my visions as an artists and about my work are based on it.

As I work with the medium video and photography I do know how easy it is to manipulate images.

To see what I want to see. To let others see what I want to let them see. Let others make believe to what they see, because I want it so. Finally let others see what they want to see, because they think it’s the truth.

Honestly, I was hesitating to participate in this project. Months ago the I saw the first call for the project. I checked it out, but let it passed. Even I know SPAR and I am familiar the with institutions who are supporting the project

Regardless that I am relatively well connected within the virtual world, I have my hesitations and doubts about it. Which grew even further during the Pandemic.

Since then a tsunami of virtual projects, platforms, actions and so… a rise. Literally you got drowned in this tsunami.

But I am person who still has to see, feel and experience things and issues in reality and the real world. The real world is still there regardless of a Pandemic and any other small problems who can bring an end to our world as we know.

This time I thought give it a try without expecting anything. Expecting something don’t let me feel free anymore and I don’t let me see

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  1. evcolibri

    i think that, today as never before, we will need to be used with our new situation of working online. I do not like this eather..
    Eliane Velozo

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