My body as the rainforest, Wesley John Fourie

its been a busy couple of weeks and thought I would share with you all some of the works I have been making recently which are now on show at g_space, the gallery attached to NMIT here in New Zealand (Nelson).

The collection of work, “my body as the rainforest”, is inspired by two national parks here on Te Waipounamu (the south island of New Zealand), Kahurangi National Park, and Fiordland National Park.

The central piece in the show, Mount Owen (roof of Kahurangi) is a 1/1 scale model of Mount Owen (1875m of knitting). This is the third scale model I have made of this nature, and it was also the smallest. Accompanying this work, is a series of drawings of Kahurangi forest on handmade paper, as well as some photographs of Milford.

The last piece on show is a small scale knit work, made from harakeke flax harvested from outside the galleries window. I wanted the show to be site specific to the Nelson region, and this last little work was a way to do this.

It was strange for me to complete this scale model, I still think about the Elbrus work that was meant to be shown at P-10 earlier this year, and how tumultuous this whole Covid situation is, sometimes it feels like i will never be able to leave NZ again (a daunting thought for someone who loves to travel). I think about all my friends across the world, and I cant help but feel the immense distance that is between us caused by the virus. It sometimes feels like I’m living on another planet from them.

I do however, greatly look forward to the time when I am able to head over to St Petersburg for the physical residency. I dream of the Hermitage, and all of the other great museums which I will hopefully soon enough be able to walk through. I think to the Russian tundra, this huge swathe of land I hope to pass through, and lastly, perhaps most embarrassingly, I cant wait to meet Anastasia at P-10. I often find myself deeply unnerved by art professionals, forcing myself to use as much high language as I can to keep myself and my work in the art world sphere, but she seems so down to earth, chill, and not pretentious in anyway, so I look forward to working with her on a show for Russia, about Russia.

I think I’ve babbled enough now, so take care all!


Wes 🙂

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