Painting Pain Things. Aba Lluch Dalena

PAINTING PAIN THINGS.  (since 2009; updated 2020) by Aba Lluch Dalena

Out of suffering comes creativity. You cannot spell painting without pain.   – John Lithgow
We are all familiar with sorrow and pain as we are all familiar with joy and happiness.  Looking at my works I have come to realize there’s no escaping the presence of pain in various subjects and degrees even when I have expressed humor in some of my works.  Whenever I think about our country (Philippines) and life in general I try to think positive thoughts, with faith in a Supreme God, but still end up “painting pain things” because I could never deny the painful truths I have seen and experienced. Some of my works in acrylic and mixed media reflect pain in different degrees.  Pain because of country; spiritual crises; love; sickness and death; financial crisis; labor and toil and currently about the corona virus world pandemic.  The shortest verse in the bible is “Jesus Wept.”  As an artist who happens to profess a personal faith in this Man of many sorrows who is also a so-called Saviour King, I believe there is still hope in this troubled world.  Though we may cry, pain pain go away- one day it will soon be all gone.

Calling Doctor God. mixed media 6x4ft. Aba Lluch Dalena.Philippines
Notice of Disconnection. mixed media 6x4ft Aba Lluch Dalena.Philippines
This Fragile Life 1 & 2. Graphite. Aba Lluch Dalena.Philippines
  1. Delia Rarela Barcelona

    Awesome artistry with a soul! I admire your pain things, art works and messages. You really come from a very artistically talented family. Bravo.
    Tita Deboy

    1. Avatar photo
      Aba Lluch Dalena

      Thank you so much, that’s too kind of you ??❤️. Hoping this coronavirus plague would soon be over and that the world will be a much kinder place to live in. Other worldly “plagues” must also end like corruption and evil in the hearts of men.

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    Laura Salerno

    Aba, I believe there is pain within happiness and happiness within pain. There is not one without another, how we value pain may be the problem, I mean, we don’t value it enough to it become a natural thing, as you said, it normally becomes a bad thing or a mytical, glorified thing. Your work is beautiful, I like how the line aren’t straight, but hey are still lines. I’m a brazilian artist here in residency wandering around trying to get to know other artists works and realities. I’ve been also meaning to ask people “Who is your Bolsonaro?”, so if you get interested in sharing that, it would help me to continue. Take care,

    1. Avatar photo
      Aba Lluch Dalena

      Hi Laura! Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts on my “painting pain things” work… oh I believe we all have this nagging “pain” all over the world all the more because of the pandemic. You asked “Who is your Bolsonaro?” Oh let me answer that back here in the Philippines millions of us would answer you resoundingly with the same name as dreadful as the coronavirus. ?

  3. Jophen

    When we’re in pain is when we’re most human, and closest to the heart of our Savior.

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      Aba Lluch Dalena

      Thank you, indeed I agree with you for I believe in this “Man of Many Sorrows” who understands all our pain.

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    Crystal Marshall

    Definitely love the quote “Out of suffering comes creativity. You cannot spell painting without pain” I too can relate to the pain and how it resurfaces no matter how much you try to cover it up at times. With all that is going on we still can hope like you said. The word of God stands true.

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