My roots, Kate Finkelstein. Moscow

Hello friends,

I’m happy to become a part of our virtual community. I would like to start with the short story bout roots of my art.

My name is Kate Finkelstein, I was born in a small working-class town near St. Petersburg 5 years before the beginning of Perestroika. The contrasts of my childhood are the Imperial architecture of St. Petersburg and its royal suburbs in comparison with the simple space of my town; the image of order, collective values, the movement towards the social ideals of the Soviet Union Era and the state of ruin, loss, individual survival strategies in the Era of Perestroika – all raised questions in my mind and did not give rest. Further when I travelled in Europe and met  cities that have ancient historical elements and centuries-old traditions I compared this experience with my sense of a post-Soviet citizen with a very low understanding of my actual national identity.  This comparison is gradually formed an interest in thinking about what happens to the identity of the inhabitants of modern Russia, on the one hand, and on the other people of the world in general in this global mobility, virtuality and gradually lose the value of roots situation. These questions are related to one of my artistic practice topics for several years – the topic of the global identity of modern man.

What do you think about feeling of roots, your own identity in this modern world?

To be continued…

Here are some photos with my works about Global Identity

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