In lockdown, Van Luong

(in progress)

‘ ….whispering for love,

lingering for life,

not for making a statement ,

but for the sake of living..



fulfilling life, … ‘

(the first part of my poetry book ‘ In vain’)

I was not able to go back Vietnam and be with my family during this heartbreaking time. Being lock-downed and social distanced but I’m lucky enough to have friends and family who aways check me up every day. I don’t have much to offer in this pandemic and watching my friends who are frontline medical staffs fighting lives for others is so overwhelming .. Life is precious and it wouldn’t be the same after this.

‘ Tears would shed,

wounds would heal,

would we?’…..

…anyway, I hope we will win this battle soon!


PS.  My little corner

cleaning up time :))










  1. Avatar photoAvatar photo
    Anastasia Patsey

    Dear Van,
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. The poetry lines are very touching. I sometimes feel like the world is split in two major parts: people who are just trying to adapt their everyday life to the pandemic restrictions and keep getting angry that the toilet paper has been sold out or that the WiFi connection isn’t good enough for their online conference; and the ones who are on the front line, many going though real-life hell to keep the first group as far away form the danger as possible. Having friends who are medical workers definitely gives a completely different perspective on things…

    1. Van Luong

      Dear Anastasia,
      Thank you for your comments. Sorry for this late reply…
      It’s been a deep sorrow for all of us. and yea, the front-line staff are real life heroes. Wish i can somehow do something to help but I guess staying at home is the only way.. My friends sent me some photos of front-liners who didn’t have time to rest, they slept right on the floor with their masks and protective gears were still on. and some medical staff have a lot of scars due to the fact that they were wearing the masks for too long :(. some can only see their children and partner from afar…

  2. Avatar photoAvatar photo
    Anastasia Patsey

    The works in the background look so interesting. Maybe you could share some close-ups in a separate post/photo gallery?

    Warm greetings form all of us,

    1. Van Luong

      Also, Do you know how I can create a photo gallery ? I can make one from my previous works.
      Take care and Best Regards,

  3. Mels Dees

    Hey Van,

    how are you doing now? I suppose there is no way to return to Vietnam yet… I have no idea about the corona situation in your country, but I hear it is relatively positive – no deaths. We are still on ‘our’ island, while the situation in the country is improving slightly, but we’ll have to return home in a week or so…

    Good health and good luck!

    Mels Dees

    1. Van Luong

      Hi Mels,
      I’m doing fine. How are you? I’m still in New Zealand, we have full lockdown for a month. Vietnam has no deaths so far but here we have 12 already :(. where are you now? Stay safe…..
      Take care,

  4. Avatar photoAvatar photo
    Nazar Niazmetov

    Dear Van,
    I hope you are fine there. Could you please tell a bit about your art technique? How do you work with chairs and canvas? It looks unusual. Do you use watercolors for abstractions?

    1. Van Luong

      Dear Nazar,
      Hope you’re doing well.
      I use watercolors on fabric (cotton duck) along with some stitches and embroideries. The watercolors are for mark making, the embroideries are for creating lines and shapes and leading the eyes, and the installations are meant to create abstraction of forms. At the moment, I’m trying different installation for my works, I love the fact that the soft fabric can embrace and create the unusual shapes and how it interacts with the space as a whole. I didn’t mean to include the chair, just trying out different forms it can make :)…

      1. Avatar photoAvatar photo
        Nazar Niazmetov

        Sounds exciting!
        I would like to see it personally

  5. Avatar photoAvatar photo
    Cynthia Fusillo

    thank you so much for sharing yourself here. It is a perfect time for creating poetry…it is one of the deepest creative expressions ..You Are helping the situation by creating…

    1. Van Luong

      Hi Cynthia,
      Thank you for your kind words. Hope you’re doing well . I think this is the time for us to look into our inner self and do our best. I love your works btw, especially the shoe sculptures/installation…
      Take care,

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