Claudia Sinigaglia (IT) Atlas Coelestis, 2020

Claudia Sinigaglia talks on the series of photographs “Atlas Coelestis”:

“Atlas Coelestis” is a series of photographs which recreates constellations from star charts illustrated in old celestial atlases. Having its roots in a period of mobility restrictions, this work recreates sky starred images following astronomy’s descriptions found in books of the 1500s.

The resulting images are a misinterpretation of pulsing presences which mark a void, in which dark space is interrupted by shining reflections.

Investigating a gap of interpretation which goes along with our vision, this work reflects on imagination inside the patterns of our daily life. 

Claudia Sinigaglia

The work has been realized in collaboration with Alessandro Zambianchi.

Claudia Sinigaglia is a photographer based in Milan (Italy). She is a recent graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts as well as the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Vienna where she was placed with the Erasmus project. Her art practice is deeply rooted in the international cities and communities she has been a part of through a wealth of artist residencies. Her practice looks to locate and unearth the collective behaviors of human beings, often taking the relationship between city and individual as its subject.

One thought on “Claudia Sinigaglia (IT) Atlas Coelestis, 2020

  1. It looks fantastic! Attracting and calming… Cosmos is everywhere.

    A month after publication I discerned!
    I did not expect such a sharp turn in the theme and technique! I remember your architectural series which were cool too, about society and today

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