Mels Dees (NL) Reconstructivism for beginners, 2017-2020

The project “Reconstructivism for beginners” presents impressions of Saint Petersburg as one of the first cities built according to a strict plan.

Mels Dees

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Mels Dees is a multi-disciplinary and installation artist based in the Netherlands. Over several decades Dees work has been exhibited internationally. His mediums include photography, paper reliefs, etchings, computer animations among others. Inspired by the natural world, his artistic interests come to rest on nature’s interactions with man-made reality, “the analogies and contradictions between our technological culture and the natural processes we remain part of.”

One thought on “Mels Dees (NL) Reconstructivism for beginners, 2017-2020

  1. Hello, hello,
    you work, in book format, is a photo album, a collection of pictures that one is collecting, day by day, and organizing it slowly, with care and love.

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