CHRONICLES OF ZEROING. Kate Finkelstein. Moscow

It’s one of my project which I want to develop in residency time. I was thinking yesterday that it partially reflects the topic “GLOBAL IDENTITY”… Although this project has a lot of topics inside. I’ve been making this work since the oficial announce of Pandemic in the March 2020.

The processual work “Chronicles of Zeroing” is a combination of different types of documentation of the interaction of global processes and the processes of the artist’s private life since the announcement of the zeroing of presidential terms in our country of the Covid-19 pandemic, which coincided with the time. This work is dedicated to exploring the boundaries between global processes and the processes of individual life, observing the impact of physical and socio-political diseases on this space, as well as trying to find healing resources within the painful space. In this work, I would also like to talk about the transformative power of small efforts of one person, who, using the tools of art, can in a global catastrophic context reassemble fragments of reality into something new.

Stage 1 (has already completed). The author decided to make print screens of the news feed every day since the announcement of the “reset” of the presidential terms and the  pandemic, since these facts themselves have become a shocking and milestone event for the author’s perception of a current reality. In the subsequent isolation at the dacha site, the author decided to create her own analogue of notches of days and take out print screens of the news feed on separate fence boards, which became an objectification of the idea of the border between local and global context. For the author it is important to set a precedent for the interaction of these news sheets with natural conditions under which these events with great impact in society cease to look so powerful and are only fragile part of the universe. During this procedural project, there is a photo and video documentation of the interaction of the author, nature and print screens of news placed off-line environment.

Stage 2 (work in progress)

After every news screen has passed the period of interaction with the external environment, I take it and find the word in its text which I could call resource / inspirational. A photo of the local texture and a mini collage made from wrappers consumed during the isolation of goods – this is my visual reflection of this word from the print screen from this day. Each collage contains a number cut out of the Lotto plates, corresponding to the number of the day from the moment of reset.WhenI  create these collages the final defragmentation of the meaning of the news feed takes place, the transformation of this information field into a field with a completely new information structure and function, and the mixing of local and global contexts.

So it’s what I’m working on now. I’ve already create 30 collages and there are 83 collages left) I have to create 113 collages – one for one day of me Chronics of Zeroing.

I presented the first 30 arrivals on the pop-up exhibition “TemperatYRA_2.0” in the “Electrozavod” gallery in Moscow las month. Here is some photos from that wonderful event.

I’m working on 62nd and 68th days now. Actually The Day 68 with words “Separate” is ready after today morning=) Here some moments of process and the result.

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    Laura Salerno

    Kate, your work is very impressive, I am really touched on how you are taking the virtual aesthetics such as a news feed to a “real”, 3d, environment to be affected, the news feeds on the fence are already a powerful image, and the final collages are very interesting. I’m glad I got to meet your work, it is quite inspiring. I also wans’t aware about the “presidential zeroing”, I googled it quickly and am quite shocked and curious on how is it for people living in Russia…
    I’m a brazilian artist also in residency around here, trying to use the residency and its platform to meet other artists and to continue working, which has been hard. On that note, in my process in the residency I’ve been meaning to ask people “Who is your Bolsonaro?”, If there is any answer to that which you would like to share with me, I would like very much it will help me to conitnue my next residency post. Take care,

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    Kate Finkelstein

    Dear Laura, I was happy to get your comment and to meet you here. And I was really impressed that you went so deep into me project, bc it’s a bit complicated even for Russian auditory=) You know, I did the same thing as you about presidential zeroing – googled things about Bolsonaro… Maybe you’ll be surprised, but I didn’t know much bout him before you asked me. It isn’t much about situation in your country in Russian news..( I was a bit shocked to be honest… So I can’t tell you the name about the real person whom I know… Only fairytails anfair kings and Trump… maybe….
    I’m looking forward to read your next post*)

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