Hi citizens !

I’m glad to meet you in this virtual space.

My project in this CITY will involve different organic/inorganic and material/immaterial layers from the urban space, such as connection-disconnection, soundscape ecology, interactions, sensations, responsibility…

I am currently thinking wether making a totally digital work, a physical installation, or a hybrid thing….

In the meanwhile, here is a little thought from today, a funny conversation with a few delightful “coquelicots” – as they say here in France to address poppies – that I have created with MAX/MSP.

The algorithm reacts to the poppies’ movement, expressing it through the sound.

At the same time, the evolutive digital footprint of the poppies is sampled into a sort of BARCODE that becomes alive as the poppies shake. There is a thin area in the bottom, a sort of frontier where real poppies hop in and out from their real representation to their digital one.

Hope you enjoy : -)



PS this website does not allow me to upload the video, due to the file size, so I have uploaded it on YouTube.

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